Our love and support to you all

My Dad rang me earlier and told me to quickly change the TV channel. I knew it must’ve been about road trauma because I could hear the urgency in his voice.

As I changed the channel and started to watch the segment on A Current Affair, it was literally like listening to my own story. My eyes filled with tears as I listened to the stories and reasons behind Road Trauma Support NSW.

I had a lump in my throat as I listened to the families talk of losing their loved ones. I felt their pain and felt physically sick seeing the crash scenes, but this is the reality of road trauma.

My heart broke as I listened to them speak of the life sentence forced upon us all and the unfairness of the ‘justice’ system, knowing all too well how hard it is to go through the court, prison and parole process when you’re just trying to survive.

I felt such sadness that these people carry the pain I do every day, but I also felt uplifted that these families on the same journey as us and in memory of their loved ones taken at the hands of someone else, want to support and help other families on their gruelling journey of road trauma.

Road Trauma Support Group NSW from one support group to another, we send our love, support and hearts to you all.

If anyone in NSW needs support please contact Road Trauma Support Group NSW

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Support centre open Monday by appointment only (except public holidays), Tues 12 - 4pm, Wed & Thurs 10am - 3pm

Unit 10, 13 Forrest Street, Collie

Phone support available Tuesday - Thursday 11am - 3pm on 0480 302 695

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