Another year without you

Moving into a new calendar year is particularly hard for me. It’s always a timely reminder of another year that my beautiful Jack doesn’t get to share with us and a knowing that no matter what, time will continue to take him further away from me.

As I reflect on 2021, I have come to realise that despite some extremely dark moments, I have allowed gratitude to sit alongside my grief. I have learnt that it’s ok for the two of them to coexist.

This year I found the courage to bring Heart Hub South West to life. Next year will be seeing so many incredible things happening within Heart Hub and I’m so ready for it. I am still heartbroken and in disbelief that this vision was born from losing my beautiful boy, but I can only hope that through my own pain, I can bring a little light to others.

Thank you for your continual encouragement and support on my journey of road trauma and for your support towards Heart Hub South West.

With Jack in my heart, as we move towards 2022, I encourage you all to remember your role in keeping each other safe on our roads.

This year 162 people lost their lives through road trauma and 70% of these deaths were on our country roads.

Everyone deserves to go home to their families.

I send my love to those carrying heavy hearts. I won’t wish you a Happy New Year, I know how painful the word happy can feel, instead I wish you a year in which you continue to put one foot in front of the other.

On behalf of myself and Heart Hub South West, we wish you all a SAFE New Year.

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