Friday was one of those days

Friday was one of those days

There are so many moments when I find myself struggling to breathe, Friday was one of those days.

In February I finally mustered up the courage to get a space made for Jack’s ashes. Friday, I picked it up.

There was a heaviness I felt in my heart on the drive there. So many emotions and feelings flooded my heart and mind as tears rolled down my face. Each memory played over and over in my head.

I relived the moments leading up to this day. I relived touching and kissing Jack’s face one last time, I relived every moment of Jack’s funeral and the feeling of wanting to run up and stop his coffin from going through the curtain. I relived the pain of picking his ashes up and bringing him home.

I always knew it would be a really emotional day when his space was ready, but nothing could ever have prepared me for it.

How was this my life? How can Jack’s life have ended in just 20 seconds and 700m? HOW!?!

I sat in my car and composed myself before I went into Timber Grooves to see Ewan. As usual, there were many tears, but Ewan was his usual amazing, compassionate, empathetic and patient self.

I know how hard this process would have been for him and the detail in his work shows how much he wanted it to be perfect. We cannot thank him enough for the beautiful space he made for Jack. It is absolutely perfect.

Although I don’t think we’ll ever accept Jack is no longer physically here with us, our hearts feel a little less heavy when we come across amazing people like Ewan.

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