Nobody told me

It seems appropriate to share this today.

A friend shared this with me the other day, she said she thought of me when she read it.

We’ve never met each other in person but our paths crossed after a Facebook post I wrote (after the driver who took Jack’s life, was sentenced) was shared. We’ve been in touch ever since and honestly, I feel like I’ve known her my whole life.

Today has been hard It’s horrible to have two days that mark the day Jack was killed. Good Friday and the 14 April. Two anniversaries to get through, two days to signify the day Jack’s heart stopped beating and our world as we knew it, was changed forever. It’s painful, it’s devastating, it’s overwhelming and it’s heartbreaking.

Nobody told me, Jack



Nobody told me,

how often I would see your face,

then blink and see another instead.

Nobody told me,

that trying to recall the exact sound of your laugh,

would keep me awake at night.

Nobody told me,

that I would reach for my phone so often,

to heartbreakingly put it back down again.

Nobody told me,

that you were my moon and my sun,

my reason and my way,

my morning and my night.

Nobody told me,

that your life would feel like a movie I made up in my head,

that I would seek out others who had seen it too,

just to feel you there for a moment.

Nobody told me that food would lose taste,

that air would lack oxygen,

that I would miss you,

this much.

I miss you,

this much.

Nobody told me.

Donna Ashworth

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