Moments I am grateful for

There are always going to be moments I hold close to my heart, moments that I am grateful for despite the heart-breaking life I live now. On Jack’s Poker Run, I had a moment with a lovely young lady I am so grateful to have met.

I was sitting down at our last stop of the Poker Run and out of nowhere this young girl came, sat beside me and put her hand around mine. I knew the second I looked into her eyes and saw them filling with tears that we were going to have a moment. As I was looking at her, I said, “you’re going to make me cry aren’t you”? With that, she introduced herself and told me her Dad’s name and tears instantly started rolling down my face.

Her Dad, a kind-hearted, caring and compassionate man attended the crash scene where Jack’s life was taken from him, on his way home from work. While another beautiful soul was tending to Jack’s friend who was severely injured, her Dad was with Jack in the back seat of the car and stayed with him until Emergency Services arrived.

Her Dad and I have spoken of that horrible night and as hard as it was for him, he answered every question I asked with such honesty, compassion and empathy. I think of him so often, and to have met his daughter on Jack’s Poker Run was such a special moment.

I hope they both read this post. I want her to know that I am so thankful she came and introduced herself to me, I know how hard it would have been for her and I hope it reminds her Dad of the love and gratitude we will always have for him. I know I’ll see him again one day and when I do I know there’ll be lots of tears from me, but there’ll also be another hug, and another thank you to go with them.

It’s through the hardest time of my life that I have met some of the most beautiful people for whom I am so very grateful.

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