I don’t know where to begin.

Jack’s anniversary always brings such immense sadness that it takes days and sometimes weeks to pull myself out of the black hole of grief. The last 2 weeks have been difficult. Devastatingly, 2 precious young boys recently lost their lives on our roads and this weekend, we have lost 2 more precious lives and 3 more people have been injured here, in the South West.

It’s confronting. I feel for the families and friends knowing what they are going through and will continue to endure for the rest of their lives.

I feel physically sick when I hear about car crashes and see footage on the news and Facebook. I hold my breath when I hear and see the chopper flying over my home, I’m taken back to that horrific night Jack was killed and always pray that whoever needs the chopper is going to be ok, then my mind goes back to Jack, wishing he got the chance to be flown to Perth, to fight for his life.

To the families, I wish more than ever my support Hub was open for you.

My heart is broken for you all.

I am so sorry.

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