How have I survived this long without you?

As my broken heart continues to beat, time relentlessly ticks away.
Life continues to move forward, and I can’t help but feel like it’s left me behind.
I see happiness people have created.
I see beautiful photos of families that people share.
I see the joy and happiness in peoples lives.
It makes me smile, and I always think of how lucky they are.
Then, in an instant, my heart starts beating faster.
I can’t swallow because I have a lump in my throat.
And my tears begin to fall as it hits me all over again.
There are no more moments with Jack.
No more photos to be taken of him and us.
No more moments between him and his sister.
No more memories to be captured that we can cherish forever.
There is nothing.
Nothing except the beautiful memories I cling so tightly to each day.
I wish I could rewind my life and then press pause forever.
How have I survived this long without you, Jack?
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