Bridgetown’s Mystery of Life

A powerful day teaching young students learning to drive about road safety and the harsh reality of road trauma.
This program has been running for 22 years and I cannot commend it highly enough, and without a doubt, it should be shown in every High School.
Yes, it’s raw, it’s confronting but it’s the reality we are faced with, as our road toll continues to rise.
This day is always emotional and overwhelming but today this initiative potentially saved 40 young lives and families from having to live the nightmare and life sentence forced upon us.
Thank you to everyone involved in making the day the success it is – Glen Norris, Bridgetown Road Wise, SC Mike Smith, SC Ben Ducker, Sergeant Dave White, 1/C Dylan Jones, 1/C Scott Walton, Chris Mott, St John Ambulance, Bridgetown Fire and Reacue, FESA, Archer and Sons, the CWA ladies, Tony Pratico, Bridgetown Hospital, Michelle Hanrahan, the medical staff and students, and the actors from the real-life crash scene.
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